What makes us different?

We don’t just say we’re fueled by data.

We’re an agency that lives by it.

Our Vision

Mindful Conversion is founded on the belief that the most successful companies meticulously obsess over every customer touch point. From their customer’s first ad impression to their customer’s final conversion, they’re mindful of every experience in the customer flow. Analyzing customer journeys, constantly testing and iterating on the user experience, conducting user research. Their marketing decisions are backed by hard data, not just the opinion of the highest paid person in the room.

We are a boutique data-driven marketing & analytics agency that’s driven entirely by qualitative insights and quantitative research. We don’t like playing guessing games. We like to make calculated decisions driven by customers’ data and real customer conversations. We like to think of ourselves as your data-driven partner in growth.

Our Founder

Nicolas Garfinkel

Nicolas Garfinkel has experience with some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s handled over 9 figures in ad spend, alone, at some of the largest Fortune 500 companies on the planet. From Microsoft, to eBay, to successful start ups, Nicolas understands each business in each niche is different. What works for one company won’t work for another. Now he’s here to find out what works for your company.

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